Elder Christian Miller-Week 86: Pena Blanca

Hola familia y amigos!


So, this past week was pretty good, just the usual visits to our investigators and just finding those that are willing to keep their commitments and keep pressing forward in the learning process! The crazy thing is that we have been working so hard with one family here to try to get them to come to church. Then, when Sunday rolls around, a member family decided to invite a friend from work (the same lady) to church, and she just decided right away to come! Really, this is what we are focusing on as a zone and something that each and every one of you can keep in mind, is that missionary work STARTS with the members and is carried out by the members and the missionaries! Every member IS and CAN BE a missionary! We need each and every one of you to carry out God’s plan here in His vineyard!


With my companion, things have been good. He’s just a crazy Argentine, but I love the guy to death. He’s just hilarious! We have been working really hard on obedience and ways that we can help the zone to be more untied and productive in their work! I think that if we help them to feel good about themselves and help them to recognize the great work and time that they are putting in, that it will increase their faith and help them to go that extra mile to give out a Book of Mormon or to invite that last person to be baptized! GOSH, I’m just counting down the days until General Conference is here and I can get some great inspiration for these last couple months of the mission!


So, as for changes, we will both be staying here another change, and we have some good missionaries coming in, so we should be seeing even more miracles! Keep those Elders from Peña Blanca in your prayers and know that we will have some people in white in no time:-)


Oh, and just in case you’re interested, Argentine plays against Chile this week, so things are going to be pretty crazy with my comp and I (haha)! He’s still a little salty about losing the last time, so we will see;) Love and miss you all and thanks for all the love and support that you give to me!


-Elder Miller

Elder Christian Miller with Elder Taylor Lautner.

Elder Miller and Elder Ortellado with a ward member

The Villa Alemana zone before transfers this week

Christian’s birthday dinner with some members.

Elder Christian Miller-Week 85: Pena Blanca

Amigos y familia-

Hey, glad to hear that you guys are well!  I don’t have too much time this week, but we have had a grand week here in Peña Blanca.  After having a couple of down weeks, with not a lot of success, we were able to find 15 new investigators, and the majority of them are families that are really good!  So, with a good fast to start this week off and lots of prayer, we are hoping to put a good baptismal date with every single one of them!

We had a zone conference this week with President Diaz, and it was just so well done.  We focused a ton on faith and all the things that we can really do as we call upon the powers of heaven with FAITH!  Also that our faith can be so much more than we really think!  A lot of people put limits to what can be accomplished, and I’ve noticed that a ton here in the mission, but we can expand these limits and set new goals for everyone around us, so that we can all have the grand success that we are looking for!

Also, I invite you all to look up, watch, listen, and share the new video of the First Vision that came out called, “Ask of God.”  SO POWERFUL and it changes lives!  It’s like 6 minutes long, but it’s an incredible video!  God is love and he needs each and every one of us!  I love and miss you all.  I hope you have the greatest week!

-Elder Miller

Christian with Elder Palmer

Elder Christian Miller-Week 84: Pena Blanca

Hola familia y amigos!


I really feel like, in the mission, there are specific things that occur to help you prepare for the things that are going to happen after the mission, when one enters in the real world! During these past couple of days, it’s just been really hard finding the chosen ones that are here in this sector. It’s been making me work and pray harder than I ever have, to be able to have the spirit with me at all times and to be able to follow the still small voice that guides me always. I know that over the next couple of years, I will feel like this, but thanks to the mission and the lessons that have been learned, I will know how to count on my Savior to be able to get through these times and do His will.


Here is this area we have some good potential investigators that just need to be in their homes, so that we can teach them! But the vacations have finished here, so we should be good to go!


My birthday went really well, and we ate two HUGE lunches from some homie members, and I honestly couldn’t eat for like a whole day after! My comp surprised me and had all the other mission leaders call me to say happy birthday, so that made me happy:) I had an exchange with Elder Stayner, a kid that’s like 6´7 and we were just like the twin towers here for the Chileans walking down the street. It was pretty funny! We found some good people in his sector, and afterwards we got some good Papa Johns;) Also, today as a zone, we went (by accident) to the other zone, and went to a park with a little lake and a big hill that we climbed, and it was pretty fun to do something out of the ordinary. Sorry no pictures this week, but next week I’ll be sending some good pics!


I love each and every one of you, and invite you all to keep doing the small things, like reading, praying, and giving service, because the spirit is in the details!


-Elder Miller

The boys are back together for a minute

Elder Christian Miller-Week 83-Pena Blanca

Familia y amigos!


So, not too much to report this week. It has just been filled with lots of contacts, asking members for referrals and visiting the new investigators that we have already found! They have some pretty difficult things that are impeding them to be baptized, but we know that if we use a lot of member help, and we study and prepare, specifically for that person, we are going to be able to be guided always by the Spirit.


One thing that I have really been applying as a missionary, is just being valiant in front of people that may deny or have doubts about the Gospel. I’m so grateful for the First Vison and the Prophet Joseph Smith because thanks to that, we have ALL the truth. Being straight-forward with the investigators and helping them to be able to really UNDERSTAND and APPLY the principles that we teach are what we are really focused on right now. Teaching simple and straight to the point lessons, so that the Spirit can just clearly testify that what we are saying is true. But you know I like to joke around and show some love as well;)


In the zone, we are also getting the missionaries really excited by doing a lot of weekly challenges! About two weeks ago, we bought a huge trophy, and after each weekly challenge, the companionship that wins gets to have the cup for a whole week, and they get to put their names on it and everything! The companionships are pretty excited, so we will see what happens!


Thanks for all the love and support that you’ve given me and for always making me feel good with every email that I get from you guys! Hope you have a great week and get to do something special for the best day of the year this Saturday 😉


-Elder Miller

My companion, Elder Ortellado, with the biggest chorrianna that I’ve ever eaten!

A chili in Chile!

Elder Christian Miller-Week 82: Pena Blanca

Amigos y familia-


The week was really big and long, and we were running around all over the place, but I’ve really enjoyed my time here with my new companion and this new area!  So, on Tuesday, my comp had to go to Santiago for a medical appointment.  So, I got to go with him and with Hermana Diaz, and it was such a blast!  The city was so much bigger than Viña and it was definitely a lot hotter!  But it made me a little trunky seeing the airport right there (haha)!  But it was a great experience.   Read More

Elder Christian Miller-Week 81: Pena Blanca

Hola familia y amigos!


Well, I have to make things short because I don’t have much time today.  I am here in Villa Alemana (German Village) and well, there aren’t many Germans….mostly Chileans.  But, it’s hot, and we are just in a phase of finding, but its great because me and my new comp, Elder Ortellado, from Buenos Aires, can just have a great time getting to know each other and the beautiful people here in this place!  We are in the biggest ward in Chile, Peña Blanca, and it has about 220 active members, so it’s a way cool place to be with some good member help!  There are 10 ward missionaries and almost everybody is a returned missionary, so we will see how it goes! Read More

Elder Christian Miller-Week 80: El Llano

Familia y amigos!


This week has been a great, and also pretty long week. We have just been constantly busy, but that’s the great thing about missionary work, is that you are always concentrated on the needs of others! I’m doing great and looking pretty tan now;) This week I was able to have an exchange here, and we were able to teach some less-actives, and it went really well! I have really loved to teach from the Bible to the people, and then to just swing it around to the Book of Mormon, and help them to comprehend both! After our contacting, we ate some great hand-rolls:) It’s like sushi tempura, but just not sold as a whole roll, and you can just put teriyaki and stuff on it. It’s great! Read More

Elder Christian Miller-Week 79: El Llano

Hola familia y amigos!


Elder Miller here just checking in on how everybody is doing! I’ve been gone for a bit, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten you guys! This week was a week that was filled with some physical and spiritual trials for us as a companionship, but we are doing great right now and living up the good life here in Coquimbo! So, my companion has been pretty sick these last couple of days, but we have still been working when we can! Read More

Elder Christian Miller-Week 78: El Llano

Hola familia y amigos!


MIRACLES ARE SO REAL IN THE MISSION! So, to just start things off, I went on exchanges with Elder Wood, from Vegas, and he pretty much speaks no Spanish. However, we worked well together and you can really feel the Spirit even when somebody doesn’t speak that well, because you know, the Spirit has his own language that can speak directly to the heart! It really strengthened my testimony of when I was just starting the mission and the little things that I was able to do when I couldn’t speak well either (haha)! For a little late night snack we made some In-N-Out animal-style French fries so that was magical!


So, for the miracle of the week. We were teaching Marjorie, a reference from a young man in our ward. We have been teaching her for the past couple of months, and she has been coming to church and everything, but she is the only interested member of her family and there was always something there that was limiting her progress. When I asked this other girl, from Quilpue, when I was there during Christmas, for her testimony and I gave it to Marjorie, that really gave her a big boost! On Saturday, we still didn’t have a baptismal date for her yet, and after reading a part in the Book of Mormon, we asked her when she would like to put her baptismal date. She replied saying, Tomorrow? PURE MADNESS! So, for the next couple of hours, we were just running all over the place, so that she could be baptized, and the ward really came in clutch and it was a really beautiful service. We are starting the year off really good here in Coquimbo and we owe it all to our Heavenly Father who has blessed us with so much!


One thing that I love about the mission is that I can share about the plan of Salvation every day! There is not one day that goes by when I don’t teach that lesson to somebody! And I know that it is even better when you teach it to whole families! There is a reason why that is our mission slogan and I know that when we can teach and baptize families, they are going to endure in the church and are going to have all the blessings that the Gospel can offer!


I love you all and thanks for the love and prayers! Enjoy that great Utah snow up there!


-Elder Miller

Photo of the miracle baptism that we had this weekend with Marjorie!

Photo of the miracle baptism that we had this weekend with Marjorie!

Elder Christian Miller-Week 77: El Llano

Hola familia y amigos-


I hope everything is well with you guys at home and that you are continuing strong right now at the start of the year! So, I don’t have much time today, so this will have to be short. The other sad thing is that my memory card for my camera has a virus from using all of these awful public computers, but I’ll see if some brilliant ward member can whip me up an anti-virus wash gratis!


But for this week, it was a great one! We found 14 new investigators this week, as a companionship, and I think the key is to keep the spirit of competition alive in the zone and do fun activities during the week, so that everybody is working together for a goal! We have been teaching our “golden” family and they actually came to the baptism that we had on Saturday, for Liskeyla, and to church on Sunday, as well! We are seeing so many blessings here, and just at the point where I might be transferred in the next couple of weeks. The good thing is that we still have some time, so we will try to baptize as many as we can for now 🙂


So, on Thursday, we had a zone conference with the La Serena zone and with President Diaz and the Assistants, and it was a really great time! President Diaz shared a great training on the Atonement of Christ, and with the Assistants, we planned on how we are going to better help our investigators to understand our objective and find the elect! So, a very touching conference and we are going in guns blazing into these next couple of weeks! I am also giving a shout out to Sister Diaz. Aqui esta la querida y aclamada Hermana Diaz, la leyenda de la mision Chile Viña del Mar. (Here is the beloved, the acclaimed Hermana Diaz, the legend of the Chile Vina del Mar mission.)


When Saturday came around, we had the long-awaited baptism of Liskeyla, a 23 year-old girl that actually fled from her country,Venezuela, that’s just been in a really bad economic situation, and came here to Chile to live with her cousins. When she got here, she just fell in love with the church and wanted to get baptized as soon as possible. She is really a special girl and she was pretty emotional during the whole baptismal service. Also, she shared with us her desires to serve a mission, so we will see what time tells! With 5 investigators in church on Sunday, we really felt good about the week and are waiting impatiently for this week to be an even larger achievement!


I love and miss you all and I’m eternally grateful for the love and prayers that you always send down here! Have the greatest week!


-Elder Miller

Elder Miller and Hermana Diaz.  She has taken such good care of my boy while he has been on his mission.

Elder Miller and Hermana Diaz. She has taken such good care of my boy while he has been on his mission.