Elder Christian Miller-Week 95: Pena Blanca

Familia y amigos!


Hey guys, it’s great to hear from each of you every once in a while, and to see how much growth and progress you have all had in these past two years!  I’ve been pondering a lot about the mission and how much of an impact it can have, not only on the missionary and the people he teaches, but also the people back home and those that are all around us!


It’s a great work, and it’s comforting to know that, even though sometimes you do everything you can, but the results aren’t what you are wanting to see, that the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ have everything planned out.  If we continue to strive to do our part, he will reward us in what we want!  I have seen that in the work here, lately, and I know that the Lord has big plans for the people here in Peña Blanca.  We just need to put a couple more things in order, before the Lord will bless us with these precious souls!


We’ve got a lot of appointments set up for this week, so we are really excited to see what goes down! VAMOS VIÑA! Love you guys keep choosing the right and you will be blessed!


-Elder Miller


Elder Christian Miller-Week 94: Pena Blanca

Amigos y familia!


What a great day we had yesterday to be able to see the fam and to also be able to celebrate a grand day of the importance of Mothers and to thank them for all the sacrifices that they have made on our part! I am especially grateful for my mother and for all that she has done for me, for the example that she has given me during the course of my whole life of how to work hard, love everybody, and to be a real follower of Christ! And also to those great Chilean moms that serve us as missionaries, even though they have their own families and jobs, you guys rock!


We had a great week of miracles, as always, and we were able to find some more people to teach and are just preparing the others that we have already found for baptism!  We have a girl named Ayleen who is so great!  She comes to church every Sunday, but she just hasn’t made the decision to be baptized!  So, we’ve just got to keep thinking about what we can do to help her, but please remember her in your prayers!


Also, we found a DREAM family who we contacted at like 9:30 at night, and we were able to go in for a bit, share a little about the Book of Mormom and they invited us back on Sunday for lunch!  They have found that the other churches don’t practice what they preach, and that there is a real need for a modern-day prophet to guide us!  They are great, so we are going to pass by this Wednesday!


The Mission has been such a blessing to me, and I know I say this a lot, but it’s the best decision that anybody could make in their youth!  Thanks for all the emails and love that you guys send my way!  Oh, and on a lighter note, I stopped writing for like 5 minutes because I totally just broke this little Chilean chair that they have here in their public computer servers (haha)!  Everybody just laughed so hard!  MISSION IS LIFE!  Love you all!


-Elder Miller


With the convert Byron!


The mission squad


With my dad here in the mish (Elder Gould)


Elder Christian Miller-Week 93: Pena Blanca

Hey momacita! (And friends too, because I have no time, because I went to get my other identity card..;(


But yes, we had a fantastic week!  We have the goal to baptize six people this change, and we were able to see four of them in church this week!  We had a family come, Esteban, Angelina and their two kids, and it was really cool!  The Bishop showed them a lot of love, but the only bummer is that they could only stay for the first hour.


But for the next week, we are in good shape!  We had changes, and we now have four new missionaries in our zone, so that’s going to be a blast with all this good motivation and energy to work!


So, talking about our goal for 6, we have been fasting and praying just for that number and with the names of the people who it could be, and it’s been amazing! Right after we started the fast, we received a call from a girl that we helped for like 3 hours one day finding a rental, and she calls us back, two weeks later, saying that she found a house here in Peña Blanca and that she wants us to pass by so that she can be baptized!  I LOVE THE LORD! When we have a specific goal, and we strive with all our might to achieve it, the Lord really does grant us what we wish!


We also had Leadership council, and it was great because we were able to get a lot of good ideas from the other zones, as to what we can put into practice, so that we can see a miracle in at least one of these souls!  Sometimes we just need to humble ourselves and receive the help and suggestions of things that are really working for other missionaries. Crazy that that was my second to last council!  Time is just going by way too fast!  But I’m excited to be able to see the family this weekend, on Skype, and the rest of you in just a short time more! Love and miss you all have the best week!


Elder Miller


Some random snapshots


Elder Christian Miller-Week 92: Pena Blanca

So, this week was just a great last week of work in this change!  We were able to have some good lessons with some investigators and we put two, Diana and Marilyn, on date for baptism on the 27th of May, so we are just going to get focused on them and helping them to go to church!  Our sector is pretty darn big, so sometimes it’s tough for some people to make it to church, but with faith and desires, all things are possible!


Also, there was an EARTHQUAKE like 7.1 here on Monday, and that was crazy. COOL STORY! So, I was testifying and everything with a stubborn man about the authority of God and who has it, and I said, “My friend, I know that the church we represent has the holy power of God”, and right then the earthquake started, so that was pretty good timing!  But after, we have had like 5-6 ripples every week, so all of Chile basically has just been moving all week hah!  Makes you think how powerful God is and how small we really are!


We have seen many miracles, and even though we get denied, more than Donald Trump here in South America, we know that the work of Salvation will go forward and that God prepares people for us to teach EVERY DAY!  Read 1 Corinthians 9 because it’s a beautiful testimony about why we preach the gospel!


Just so you know, we had a ward soccer game this morning on a huge turf field, and I felt pretty good because I had 4 goals.  So, it is possible for gringos to play soccer decently! But I love you all and I’m thankful for all the nice notes and prayers that you all send down here to the end of the world for me:) Have the greatest week!


-Elder Miller


Elder Miller & Elder Ortellado


The Villa Alemana Zone

Elder Christian Miller-Week 91: Pena Blanca

Familia y amigos-


Wow, so just another killer week here in Villa Alemana! As a zone, it has been pretty hard for us to find people to teach, but this week, we decided that, as a zone, we were going to get 30 new people!  By the end of the week, we were able to find 36 people who we were able to teach and set a follow up lesson with!  Just so many miracles and now we have a lot of people to teach!  That’s some good news for us because we’ve been in a little drought for a while;)


There wasn’t much that happened this week, but one thing that I have learned with my time being a missionary, is that we may not be able to convert everybody in the world to the truth, but we can help everybody we talk to, to think of and to grow closer to Christ. We can help them to be able to use the Atonement in their life.  We had stake conference this week, and a member of the area seventy said to us, “How are you able to accept a gift that you have never received?”  It’s the same with the Atonement. For that reason, it’s important to not just try to convert somebody, but to invite them to participate in the atonement and to let the Lord do his work!

I love you all and hope you have the best week!

Elder Miller


Elder Christian Miller-Week 90: Pena Blanca


YES, WE HAD THE BAPTISM OF BYRON! IT WAS SO GREAT! His mom came, as well, who is a less active and she loved to be back, so we will see if she is going to reactivate! But with the service, we really should be doing more right now. Before we did a ton, but right now we have kind of stopped, but I really want to start doing it again. Maybe we can teach some English classes!  I heard about the crazy remodeling that you are doing, so I hope that everything goes as planned!  I got the Easter package, so thanks a lot!  I love you mom thanks for everything you do!  Sorry not much time, but love you!  This week there will be no message to the peeps, but I wanted to let you know that Alex Mas, from Illapel, is getting his mission call this week, so words can’t explain the happiness I feel for him. Without support from his parents, he has worked and saved up to take upon himself this assignment.  I love this work:)  Here are some pics to enjoy!


-Elder Miller


Call Me the baker man;-)


Byron’s baptism


Love the houses here in some places


Good bbq from a great investigator family!



Elder Christian Miller-Week 89: Pena Blanca

Hola familia y amigos!


Well, we had a pretty decent week this past week, and we were able to teach some of our progressing investigators, which was definitely a big goal that we had for this week, because they were going to be pretty busy!  To start things off, Byron, a 17 year old kid, was able to come to church this week, and after he asked us, “So now I can be one of you guys, right?”  It was such a cool and heartfelt statement, and it really hit me how important the church becomes to the people that get to know it!  So, we will be having his baptism this Saturday and Confirmation on Sunday!  MIRACLES!  Also, Eyleen, who is 20, also told us that she knows that the church is true, but she has some family problems that are holding her back a bit, but she’s definitely going to be baptized this month!  We also have just been looking in every corner of our sector for more people to teach, and we have been able to find a handful of people that can really progress!  Something that I have come to learn in the mission is that we won’t be able to baptize every person we meet, but yes we can leave the spirit and plant a seed with everybody that we meet, and it’s just up to them if they want to nurture it or not!  God is just, but will never overpower the agency that He, Himself, has given us.


Also, I was able to do a couple of exchanges with some Elders here, and got to know other parts of our zone, which was fantastic!  It’s just like a really country-part of this region, and it’s just gorgeous to work here and find the chosen ones!  I’m really so blessed to serve in PARADISE! (Chile)


Also this week, I found that there is a fast-growing football team here in Villa Alemana, and they were practicing with pads and everything! I tried talking to the coach, but I don’t think he really believed that a football player would be wearing a shirt and tie in the middle of Chile, but it was worth a try!  It sure made me miss that great sport!


So, I was thinking about conference a couple days ago, and I know that when we watch conference, we take notes, and then these notes just get put away or lost for many months, and maybe we get around to looking at them during the next conference.  But something that I like doing is having a “quote of the day”, where I can take a quote out from conference that impacted me for each day, and put it in my phone, or on social media, or put it on your calendar, or in a place where you can see it each day!

Love you all thanks for all the support! Have a grand week!


-Elder Miller


Elder Christian Miller-Week 88: Pena Blanca

Hola amigos y familia-


Conference was literally so good. One of the best that I have seen on the mission! I would say that the main focus was charity. A talk that I loved was by Elder Hales, he just killed it and talked about what it means to be a disciple of Christ!  Elder Uchtdorf also had a great talk during the priesthood session about lifting where we stand. It really stuck out to me and made me want to be even more humble, enjoy the life and gifts that I have received, and lift those around me wherever I am!  I’d like to also give a big shout out to Joaquin Costa for a great talk and testimony about his conversion story and why it’s important to be baptized in our church!  All of our investigators loved it!  Our investigators are doing great and we should be having some baptisms this month!  We have seen lots of miracles and we know it’s because of our desires and obedience to the Lord and His commandments!


We have really seen a lot of miracles as well, like a miraculous healing of a little baby that was like on the edge of pneumonia, or just finding a great family that has never heard any message about God and just seeing them change as we teach them simple principles of the Gospel and see the desires that they have to put them in practice!  I have found that the more we just focus on what the person needs, and not what the area book needs or what we need to teach, you will see more results!  Not that much happened this week, I’m just so grateful to be here, and to really find myself and who I really am and need to be here in the mission.  It changes lives and I’m forever grateful for it.  Love the Lord and see that ye might serve Him with all thy heart, mind, might, and strength!


-Elder Miller

My new District Leader-Elder Hunsaker

My good Argentine friends

It’s time to pass on the coveted Gringo flag.



Elder Christian Miller-Week 87: Pena Blanca

Hola amigos y familia-


Lots of crazy news back at home, but it’s crazy how the Lord works in many ways! Tell my boys that their families will be in my prayers!


Peña Blanca is good, but it’s just a pretty slow sector. We are trying our best and talking to everybody, but we are just thinking of other options that we can put into practice, so that we can find and teach more! We have 3 investigators that are progressing pretty well, and more that we have appointments with this week, so we will have to see how those go! But the members are pretty closed off and there’s not really a family like the Veras, but the Troll family is way cool, and they have a son that lives in Vineyard, Utah.  He will get back in like two weeks, so you could swing by and chat a bit!


I’ve lost like 10-15 pounds in the mish, but it’s just like pure muscle so its ok. Love and miss you mom.  I don’t have time to write much to the group today, but I want to let them know that I love them and that I want them all to write down 3 questions that they have about the church and life situations, and that they can listen to every session of conference to be able to receive this guidance that they need!  These men are Prophets of God and the world needs to hear them! And we do too. Have a great week and remember that C Mill loves ya:)


-Elder Miller


Elder Christian Miller-Week 86: Pena Blanca

Hola familia y amigos!


So, this past week was pretty good, just the usual visits to our investigators and just finding those that are willing to keep their commitments and keep pressing forward in the learning process! The crazy thing is that we have been working so hard with one family here to try to get them to come to church. Then, when Sunday rolls around, a member family decided to invite a friend from work (the same lady) to church, and she just decided right away to come! Really, this is what we are focusing on as a zone and something that each and every one of you can keep in mind, is that missionary work STARTS with the members and is carried out by the members and the missionaries! Every member IS and CAN BE a missionary! We need each and every one of you to carry out God’s plan here in His vineyard!


With my companion, things have been good. He’s just a crazy Argentine, but I love the guy to death. He’s just hilarious! We have been working really hard on obedience and ways that we can help the zone to be more untied and productive in their work! I think that if we help them to feel good about themselves and help them to recognize the great work and time that they are putting in, that it will increase their faith and help them to go that extra mile to give out a Book of Mormon or to invite that last person to be baptized! GOSH, I’m just counting down the days until General Conference is here and I can get some great inspiration for these last couple months of the mission!


So, as for changes, we will both be staying here another change, and we have some good missionaries coming in, so we should be seeing even more miracles! Keep those Elders from Peña Blanca in your prayers and know that we will have some people in white in no time:-)


Oh, and just in case you’re interested, Argentine plays against Chile this week, so things are going to be pretty crazy with my comp and I (haha)! He’s still a little salty about losing the last time, so we will see;) Love and miss you all and thanks for all the love and support that you give to me!


-Elder Miller

Elder Christian Miller with Elder Taylor Lautner.

Elder Miller and Elder Ortellado with a ward member

The Villa Alemana zone before transfers this week

Christian’s birthday dinner with some members.