Elder Christian Miller-Week 85: Pena Blanca

Amigos y familia-

Hey, glad to hear that you guys are well!  I don’t have too much time this week, but we have had a grand week here in Peña Blanca.  After having a couple of down weeks, with not a lot of success, we were able to find 15 new investigators, and the majority of them are families that are really good!  So, with a good fast to start this week off and lots of prayer, we are hoping to put a good baptismal date with every single one of them!

We had a zone conference this week with President Diaz, and it was just so well done.  We focused a ton on faith and all the things that we can really do as we call upon the powers of heaven with FAITH!  Also that our faith can be so much more than we really think!  A lot of people put limits to what can be accomplished, and I’ve noticed that a ton here in the mission, but we can expand these limits and set new goals for everyone around us, so that we can all have the grand success that we are looking for!

Also, I invite you all to look up, watch, listen, and share the new video of the First Vision that came out called, “Ask of God.”  SO POWERFUL and it changes lives!  It’s like 6 minutes long, but it’s an incredible video!  God is love and he needs each and every one of us!  I love and miss you all.  I hope you have the greatest week!

-Elder Miller

Christian with Elder Palmer


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