Elder Christian Miller-Week 90: Pena Blanca


YES, WE HAD THE BAPTISM OF BYRON! IT WAS SO GREAT! His mom came, as well, who is a less active and she loved to be back, so we will see if she is going to reactivate! But with the service, we really should be doing more right now. Before we did a ton, but right now we have kind of stopped, but I really want to start doing it again. Maybe we can teach some English classes!  I heard about the crazy remodeling that you are doing, so I hope that everything goes as planned!  I got the Easter package, so thanks a lot!  I love you mom thanks for everything you do!  Sorry not much time, but love you!  This week there will be no message to the peeps, but I wanted to let you know that Alex Mas, from Illapel, is getting his mission call this week, so words can’t explain the happiness I feel for him. Without support from his parents, he has worked and saved up to take upon himself this assignment.  I love this work:)  Here are some pics to enjoy!


-Elder Miller


Call Me the baker man;-)


Byron’s baptism


Love the houses here in some places


Good bbq from a great investigator family!




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