Elder Christian Miller-Week 93: Pena Blanca

Hey momacita! (And friends too, because I have no time, because I went to get my other identity card..;(


But yes, we had a fantastic week!  We have the goal to baptize six people this change, and we were able to see four of them in church this week!  We had a family come, Esteban, Angelina and their two kids, and it was really cool!  The Bishop showed them a lot of love, but the only bummer is that they could only stay for the first hour.


But for the next week, we are in good shape!  We had changes, and we now have four new missionaries in our zone, so that’s going to be a blast with all this good motivation and energy to work!


So, talking about our goal for 6, we have been fasting and praying just for that number and with the names of the people who it could be, and it’s been amazing! Right after we started the fast, we received a call from a girl that we helped for like 3 hours one day finding a rental, and she calls us back, two weeks later, saying that she found a house here in Peña Blanca and that she wants us to pass by so that she can be baptized!  I LOVE THE LORD! When we have a specific goal, and we strive with all our might to achieve it, the Lord really does grant us what we wish!


We also had Leadership council, and it was great because we were able to get a lot of good ideas from the other zones, as to what we can put into practice, so that we can see a miracle in at least one of these souls!  Sometimes we just need to humble ourselves and receive the help and suggestions of things that are really working for other missionaries. Crazy that that was my second to last council!  Time is just going by way too fast!  But I’m excited to be able to see the family this weekend, on Skype, and the rest of you in just a short time more! Love and miss you all have the best week!


Elder Miller


Some random snapshots



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